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Cost: $25

The purpose of this course is to help 24-Hour course completers and transfer candidates from other providers obtain an initial VOPC required for teacher certification in New Jersey.  This course is conducted as a laboratory course under the supervision of the CE-provider program.  Candidates must deliver a planned lesson using required template; submit a lesson reflection form provided by our program; and complete an interactive field experience log.  Requests for certificate upgrades are reviewed on an ongoing-basis, and candidates may enroll at anytime.

Cost: $295
This course satisfies the requirement by the New Jersey Department of Education for prospective teachers seeking a Verification of Program Completion.. The primary goal of the program is to provide the prospective teacher with an overview of the teaching profession, featuring classroom management, lesson planning, and job search strategies.
Alternate route teachers enrolled in the Rutgers Alternate Route Program complete a course of study focused on teaching literacy across the curriculum and integrating mathematical skills into discipline-specific classes. Candidates work asynchronously as they engage with readings, slide presentations and videos; then demonstrate learning through written reflections and performance assignments.