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  • 19 Sep
    How These 17 Hispanic Educator-Influencers Help Teachers Thrive

    There are many Hispanic educators who are stepping up as a resource for teachers through social media. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been particularly effective at connecting students with the representation they need and teachers with knowledge and tools to support students of color.

    Here are 17 accounts that feature Hispanic educators or organizations.  

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  • 14 Sep
    Meet 8 Hispanic Teachers Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress Through Teaching

    Rutgers Alternate Route proudly presents eight teachers making a difference in school districts in our state. Learn about their commitment to driving prosperity, power, and progress in America through teaching.

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  • 29 Aug
    25 Must-Attend Education Conferences for Teachers in New Jersey

    Across the state, education organizations have planned a variety of learning events for the fall. Since Rutgers Alternate Route is committed to supporting New Jersey teachers in their professional growth and providing them with the tools they need to excel in their classrooms, we've made it easy for New Jersey teachers to identify PD opportunities for the upcoming teaching season. We have curated a list of 25 must-attend education conferences for teachers in New Jersey, hosted by state-based professional associations, local universities, and grassroots education groups.

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  • 23 Aug
    The 21 Top TikTok Accounts to Follow on #TeacherTok

    During COVID lockdown, educators across the world connected on TikTok through the hashtag #TeacherTok, which evolved from a hashtag into a colloquial term for the community as a whole. During distance learning, educators found inspiration from other TikTok users and had an accessible platform where their frustrations and challenges were validated by their peers.

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  • 22 Aug
    16 Teacher-Created Review Games That Improve Learning in the Arts, Physical Education & World Languages

    A recent cohort of Rutgers Alternate Route teachers designed low-tech classroom games aimed at stimulating student memory retention. These games use exciting and entertaining review formats to encourage information recall. Free for all to access, these games come with instructions and images for easy adaptation for all subjects and grade levels.

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